Desmond de Beer

Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Desmond de Beer has significant experience in property investment and management. He spent several years in the banking industry, first at Barclays Bank, South Africa, where he was Bond Manager at the Barclays Trust. Subsequently, he was appointed General Manager, Corporate Equity and became a member of the Executive Committee at Nedcor Investment Bank. Since 2002, Mr de Beer is the Managing Director of Resilient REIT, a South African property company listed on the JSE.

Mr de Beer was a non-executive director of NEPI starting from 2008 and also the Chair of the Investment Committee in NEPI and was appointed as an non-independent non-executive director of NEPI Rockcastle on 15 May 2017.

Mr Andries de Lange has been appointed as an alternate director to Mr Desmond de Beer, a non-independent non-executive director of NEPI Rockcastle, with effect from 11 August 2017.